Recordings of Services

Listen to recordings of services at Selsdon Baptist. .

Audio links for selected services are shown below. Click on the links to play the files . 

  • Confidence in God’s love -  1 John 4:7-21  =  Don Axcell - 13th August 2017
  • plus Jerry Amokwandoh speaking about his gap year experience serving a childrens home in Bolivia

            Jerry Amokwandoh, Don's Sermon

  • Holiday at home service - The lost and found department - Psalm 119:169-176 - Luke 15:1-10 - Rev David Mayne

            Whole service

  • Confidence through God’s love - 1 John: 1:1-4 and 3:1-3 - Alistair Milne


  • Confidence through obedience - 1 John:2:3-11 - Carl Knightly - 23rd July 


  • Confidence through confession - 1 John:1 5-22 - Peter Staley - 16th July


  • Confidence through fellowship - 1 John:1 1-4 - Young adults homegroup

            Whole service in 3 parts - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  • Confidence through Salvation -  2 Corinthians 5:14-21 - Don Axcell


  • The Unknown Man, The  unknown Disciple, The unknown Road - Luke 24;13-35 - Peter Manson - June 18th 2017


  • Family Service - Phil Mazur June 11th 2017


  • The Still Small Voice  -  1 Kings 19 v 3– 13 and Acts 2 v 1-13 - Deji Ayorinde - June 4th 2017


  • Worship and the Word 21st May


  • When all is said and done -  Job 42:1-6 -  Don Axcell


  • The God who is God -  Job 38:1-11, 39:13-40:1 -  David Rogers  - 21st May 2017


  • Christian Aid focus - Rob Lines and Rebecca Hannam 

            Interview and message 

  • Is God for me or against me? - Job 19 -  The Maddox home group - 7th May

            Whole Service (nb 1hr 25)

  • Weep with those who weep and what not to say -  Job 2:11-3:26 - Peter Staley - 30th April


  • Coping with Suffering Job:1&2 - Communion service - Peter Manson - 23rd April 


  • Easter Sunday celebration - Ivan Moorhouse


  • Victory - John 19:30 and Issaiah 53:4-7 - Rev Mike Elcome - 9th April


  • Suffering Love   - Psalm 22:12-18 -  John: 19:28-29 - Dan Copperwheat - 2nd April 2017


  • Mothering Sunday - Celebration and Family service - Rob Lines - 26th March 2017

           Whole Service

  • Anguish’ (Matthew 27:45–54; Psalm 22:1–8) - Rev Diane Watts - farewell Service for Diane - 19th March 2017

           Whole Service

  • Salvation - Luke 23:32-33 & 39-43 - Diane Watts - 12th March 2017


  • Forgiveness - Phil Mazur - 5th March 2017

           Prayer, reading and sermon

  • Talk by Virgibnia Luckett from Tear Fund - 26th February 2017

          Reading and message

  • Baptism of Keyvan - "Be Steadfast" - Don Axcell preaching - 19th February

          Start Reading, Sermon, testimony, prebaptism song, baptism, concluding prayer and song

  • Jesus and the feast -  Peter Manson - 12th Febraury (4 O'clock service)

           View our trial of a live video stream of the whole service on Facebook

  • Be strong - 2 Timothy 2 - Paul East - 12th February 2017

           Whole service

  • Do not be ashamed -  2 Timothy 1 -  Rev Diane Watts - 5th February 2017

           Reading and Message

  • The Holy Spirit yesterday, today and always - Acts 28 - Carl Knightly - 29th Janiary 2017


  • The Holy Spirit and baptism - Matthew 3:1-12 - Acts 19:1-10 - Rev Diane Watts - 22nd January 2017


  • The Holy Spirit and transformation -  Acts 16:16-40 - Rev Diane Watts - 15th Jan 2017


  • The Holy Spirit and righteousness -  Acts 13:1-12 -  Communion service -  Rev Diane Watts - 8th Jan 2017


  • All Things New - Ivan Moorhouse - 1st Jan 2017


  • Carol Service

            Whole service 

  • Jesus' ancestors - Luke 1:46-55 - Rev Simon Russell


  • Jesus' ancestors - Ruth 1:1-18 - Rev Diane Watts

            Message and here’s a link to a video of the puppet show!

  • Jesus' ancestors - Joshua 2:1-15 & John 8:1-11 - Dan Copperwheat and Rev Diane Watts


  • The Promise poured out - Acts 2:1-21 - Rev Diane Watts        
  • The Son and the Promise of the Father - Rev Diane Watts - Acts 1:1-11

Featured Subjects

The articles and audiio files below explore some difficult or controversional topics.

Women in Ministry

“ not allow women to teach or have authority over men ..”

Many traditions of the church, including Baptist churches, have taken this excerpt from Paul’s letter to Timothy (1 Tim 2:12) to justify excluding women from teaching or leading in the church.

We listened to a very careful explanation of why that interpretation is wrong, from Dr Roger Standing, principal of Spurgeon’s College who preached on 2 Timothy 2:8 -15

He explained that you must look at this in several contexts

  • In the New Testament where both Jesus and Paul are lifting women up to equality with men
  • In the religious context - “Women should learn in silence” is in the context that all learning was done by listening in silence to the Rabbi. Paul is asserting that women as well were disciples
  • In the church context - The Ephesian church brought together the very rich and the very poor - Paul is telling the rich not to flaunt their wealth before their poorer brothers and sisters
  • In the context of Ephesus (where Timothy was located). The pagan god of Ephesus was Artemis, a virgin female god of creation - and the culture was one of female domination, and Paul is trying to emphasise a balanced approach, the subtlety of which is lost in the translation from Greek to English - he is telling women not to dominate men - which was a particular problem in the pagan Ephesian culture.

This is your webmaster’s brief summary of Roger’s message. You’d do better to listen to it!

Follow the link below to listen to it online

“To speak or not to speak?” - Dr Roger Standing

Why do bad things happen to good people?

We all know good, kind, caring people who have been struck by illness or tragedy. These situations prompt us to ask how a loving God can allow this to happen. There are no easy answers to this, but on one of our "Second Sunday" evenings Mike Elcome spoke on this subject and this was followed by discussion and contributions from the congregation.


Mike highlighted ten key points:-

  • There are no guarantees in life.
  • It is an imperfect world.
  • There are no exceptions for good people.
  • God cannot stop everything that is bad - he cannot change the rules for a good person.
  • Everything that happens is not necessarily God's will.
  • Bad things are not normally punishment from God.
  • Bad things are the result of evil in the world.
  • We must see bad things as part of the bigger picture.
  • God is at work in this midst of this.
  • God doesn't make bad things happen, but he will use them for spiritual growth.

In summary, God is with us through everything - he shares our tears and gives us words of peace.

The audio file, which you can listen to by clicking the links below, is well worth listening to.

Reading Job chapter 1:1-3 and 13-22, Talk, Questions and comments