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Learning to Love God and serve the Community


Neighbourhood Care

Contact is Selsdon Churches Neighbourhood Care scheme which provides practical help, advice, support and information for anybody living within the Selsdon area and part of Sanderstead, through a large network of volunteers.

Contact welcomes all clients and volunteers regardless of any religious, political or secular persuasion.

Transport: door to door transport to local clinics, doctors, hospitals etc for the less mobile.
Information: on a wide range of statutory and voluntary services e.g. specialist holidays, self help groups, benefits and many more.
Shopping/Prescription Collection: For the sick, disabled or elderly.

The Contact office is located in the Sainsbury’s complex at the junction of Addington Road and Old Farleigh Road.

More on the Contact website


Churches Together

A number of Churches in Selsdon and Addington have joined together to form Churches Together in Selsdon and Addington.

We join together for a number of activities over the year, such as:-

Good Friday United Service and March of Witness.

Ecumenical prayer group

United Services

Study Groups


Carol Singing at Sainsbury’s in Selsdon.

CTSA Facebook Page

High Street Chaplains 

Meeting our community

So what are High Street Chaplains?
The local churches in Selsdon have recognised that running a small business can be challenging, sometimes even a little lonely and having someone to talk to in confidence can make such a difference.

Therefore the CTSA (Churches Together in Selsdon and Addington) have set up a team of volunteers to visit local shops and businesses, twice a month, with the intention of being available to chat with and, where possible, to help local businesses. Because we believe in a God who cares, the team’s role is primarily to care, and to offer to pray for folk if asked. 


Guides, Brownies and Rainbows

We have Rainbow, Brownie and Guide groups that meet during the week.

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Contact us:


linked to the church

The Selsdon Baptist Church Pre-School operates under the umbrella of the church, on weekdays in term time.

Children can join after their 2nd birthday.

You can contact the Pre-school by phone on 020 3617 6781
or by email at

SBC Runners

Fitness and fellowship

Selsdon Baptist Church Runners meet for fun, fitness and fellowship at 9 o'clock every Saturday morning at "parkrun", a free, weekly, timed 5K run at Lloyd Park

Church on the Run
Every 2nd Sunday of the month the runners leave the church at 10:30, and do a 4K run to Lloyd Park cafe, where they hold a meeting for teaching and discussion. If you like running come and join us!.

For more info contact Micky Wheeler or Andy Crossley

Floating Shelter

Croydon Churches helping the homeless

Selsdon Baptist Church is one of the host churches for the Croydon Churches Floating Shelter.

During the winter months, on one night each week Selsdon Baptist Church is the venue for the floating shelter, which provides a roof and bed and hot meals for those who would otherwise be on the street.

Each week we need two volunteers to set up the hall, two volunteers to cook the meals, two volunteers to prepare sandwiches, and so on.

The volunteers all agree that helping at the shelter is tremendously enjoyable and fulfils a significant need.

The shelter provides a particularly useful service to those being served, by providing a fixed location each week, which helps people connect with social services and other support organisations.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the church office (details at bottom of page).

Hot Chocolate

on the high street

Our intrepid youth team are out on Mondays between 3 30 and 5 00 giving out free hot chocolate, particularly to young people in the community heading home from school.
Our aim: #LoveSelsdon!

YourSpace Counselling

Based at Selsdon Baptist Church

We offer an affordable confidential counselling service in a safe and relaxed environment.

Your first assessment appointment is free. The service is then a on a donation basis, with a suggested amount of £10 - £25 per 50 minute session, depending on income.

Appointments are available mornings and evenings. Call Jane for an initial appointment: 07561 869 620