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Youth Activities  at  Selsdon Baptist

Find out what goes on!

Seldson Baptist Church youth ministry seeks to engage young people with God's love.

Selsdon Baptist Church youth work aims to develop four areas of the young persons lives

We want to demonstrate and share in Gods love for the young people of the church and the local community in Selsdon 

We aim to create a community of young believers who seek to support and encourage one another. We aim to create openness to one another and the voice of God in our situations

Self awarness
Young people develop therir self image from those around them. We want to be a positive influence which encourages young people to see themselves through God's own eyes.

We hope that as the young person develops they will see the love, community and beauty of God and will outwardly praise him through word, deed and heart.


The Youth Team are planning on taking a group of young people away to Satellites Christian Festival. Every summer thousands of young people gather at Peterborough to worship God, learn what it means to live for Jesus in every area of their lives, to pray for one another, and to have loads of fun!

The event lasts for five days and has two main meetings a day, plus seminars looking at relevant subjects and lots of great venue/actives such as café bars, skate park, night club and craft spaces .

It’s a great full on week and we are hoping to take the biggest group that Selsdon Baptist has ever taken in the summer of 2021, We are again opening up this event to both Rock Solid and Gravity (School years 7-13).

The cost and the way we pay will be different because now you can book directly with the Satellites Youth Festival (less paperwork for me!). If you book with a deposit (£25) before the end of October, the ticket price is £95.

Selsdon Baptist church will be charging an additional £50 for transport and meals for the week. However, we will be running fundraising which will massive reduce this cost. This equates to a maximum of £145 for an awesome God filled week away.

To book your child’s ticket please follow the link;

I will be happy to chat over any questions you may have. Martin Wright

Youth Events

Later ..... with Gareth Hides

On the 12 November we will be running another 'later with' event. it is a space which a Christian will be asked questions from both the host team and the young people. we will have a focus on faith in the real world. This month we have Gareth Hides from evangelism organisation K180. To book please use link below

Regular Youth Activities

Under lockdown 2 the following are suspended:

  • Sundays - Sunday Youth Meet Up at the church from 6:00pm until 7:30pm. Booking link 
  • Wednesday 6 30 - 7 30 - Games and Challenges on Zoom

Contact our Youth Minister, Martin Wright for details to connect

When restrictions are lifted we hope to get back to our pre-Coronavirus pattern  below:


  • 10:30am Rock Solid for 11-14s
  • 10:30am Gravity am for 14+ age group
  • 12 00am Youth and Yums 11 -18s


  • 3:30 - 5:00pm Hot Chocolate on the High Street - For 11-14’s, and anyone else!
  • 3 30 - 5 15pm Youth Club - Youth Together
    (Hot Chocloate and Youth Club on alternate weeks)


  • 3 00 - 5 00 pm -Mentoring and Discipling
  • 6 00 - 7 45 pm - E3 Youth Group - 11 - 18’s


  • Youth House Group

Soul Survivor

Trips and Days Out

through the year

We organise a programme of trips and days out through the year

Big Church Day Out
E3 Ice Skating trip
Day Trip
Laser Quest
Newday Festival
Summer Fun Days volunteering

E3 Youth Group


The group has a great time playing big high energy games, small teamwork challenges and of course spending time looking at our faith on a reflective level. The teaching in this group has stripped back to just reading a chapter of the Gospel of Mark. This will encourage the young people to ask questions and give space for the Gospel to speak for itself..

School year 7 - 13


Every week

This group has small group of regular attendees. The time is spent with informal chat and occasional low energy games. The bible study aims to push the young people’s understanding of the bible and of God. The upcoming academic year we are focusing on worship.

School years 10 -13

An Introduction to Baptism

for 14 - 18 year olds

Young people aged 14 to 18 are invited to discover more about Baptism. The six-week course involves time looking at God, Jesus, ourselves and how this is all represented within Baptism and our calling.

If you would like more information please speak to Martin Wright or Don Axcell.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid


This group has over 10 young people each week. The games are high energy which link to the theme of the teaching. The group aims to develop the young person’s ownership of their faith and how it should impact their lives.

School age 7 - 9

Youth Room

Youth Room

We have a dedicated youth room giving our young people space to chill out eat pizza and find out about God!

Youth and Yums

Every 2nd Sunday

Building up the youth community through food?
YES, quite simply we come together and eat and chill out as the Rock Solid and Gravity groups.

The idea is to have more social time together and having a safe space for our young people to hang out with the rest of the youth group.
An afternoon of games, crafts, Fifa and food. This session is purely to help develop relationships with those attending.

We run from straight after church on 2nd Sundays till 3 o'clock.
School Age 7 - 13

Youth Minister - Martin Wright


Martin Wright is our Youth Pastor, focusing on our work with teenagers.

If you want more details on any of the youth actiities give Martin a ring
07715 660 819

Youth House group

Wednesday 7-9

This is a group developed from the Pure course that ran recently.

The aim of this group is to create a sense of what house groups are like but also to encourage their own faith development.

We will be focusing on discipleship for the first 6 months
School Year 10 and older.

Mentoring and Discipling

Wednesday 3 to 5

We meet and chat with young people individually over a costa or similar once a week.

This could be to encourage their faith development or possibly help them develop in personal issues they may be having.

We want to become an encouraging voice in their lives which can bring light.

Youth Club - Youth Together

Alternate Tuesdays 3 pm

The youth club is an open space for young people to be with friends.
A safe environment for friendship and a witness to local young people.
The club runs on alternate Tuesdays from 15:30 till 17:15 based in the downstairs of SBC’s church. We have game consoles, pool table, table football, board games, a mix of crafts and a tuck shop.