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Youth Work has changed Yet Again! 

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Our Youth Minister, Martin Wright wrote the following in November during the national lockdown:

While writing this (in November), we are in lockdown and drawing a new plan of what youth work is when face-to-face isn’t possible.

This time we have decided to use social media rather than the ‘old’ zoom.

We are using Facebook (Youth At SBC) and Instagram (Selsdon_baptist_youth). Each day we post a created image with a Bible 

verse, and then twice a week they receive a recorded message, one from my looking at Psalm 19:14 and another from a volunteer or young person about their favourite Bible passage. 

We are also sharing some images of youth work events from the past. This has received lots of positive feedback and (for now) seems to be connecting with the young people in our church.

Christmas events are still being planned but we will have to wait to see if guidelines allow this (Sunday meet ups have restarted in December - Ed.). Then we will be changing youth work, again!

Please continue to pray for the young people at this time. It really is good that they can continue their studies but I am aware that free time, catching up with friends or even relaxing are not what they use to be.

Martin Wright, 19/12/2020
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A church is primarily about people, and we are a friendly group of people who love God and live in Selsdon and nearby.

We have a church building on Addington Road, Selsdon, but at the moment we have only very limited use of the building because of the Covid pandemic. But that doesn’t stop us worshipping God – only we have to do it over Zoom and YouTube!

Most of us watch together at the same time (10 30am) on Sunday, and then join to chat and discuss on Zoom just afterwards.
We’d be delighted for you to join our YouTube worship, listen to the midweek reflections on YouTube, listen to the Ask the Ministers Podcast, or join the Zoom meeting.

Depending on the current restrictions level, there is the opportunity to join us to watch the YouTube service in the church building itself – check the service details for each Sunday for instructions.

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Hopefully when the pandemic eases, you’ll be able to come and see what we’re like on a Sunday and at other events – watch the website to see what becomes possible and when.

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