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If you have been up to church over the past few months, either on a Sunday or during the week, you may have noticed that some things have moved or been tidied, and rubbish that had accumulated has finally been disposed of or recycled. It all started with the Toddler group moving to their new space downstairs in the sanctuary and therefore needing to have the toys more readily available rather than scattered in various cupboards around the building. A small group of us offered to help Libby with the mammoth task of collecting all the toys together and moving them into their new cupboard next to the downstairs toilets in the foyer. This took a few sessions and involved emptying three cupboards and moving their contents but was finally achieved and the new cupboard is working well for Adventure Tots.

The decluttering bug took hold, and we turned our attention to other cupboards and spaces that needed sorting and tidying. You won’t believe what we found hidden at the back of cupboards – 18-year-old unopened lemonade was a highlight! We have found that it has made a huge difference, enabling the church to use the spaces we have in a better way and is part of presenting a clean and welcoming building to everyone who comes through our doors. This also fits in with the ideas that have been shared recently about updating areas of our building, particularly the downstairs foyer and coffee lounge. During March we opened the bookstall, which had been closed since before the pandemic, and shared in the weekly news that the books were available to take for your own use or to pass on to other people. A good number of books, including Bibles, were taken and we know that they were passed on to people who needed them. The rest of the books have now been passed on to Manna Christian Centre in Streatham who not only sell second-hand Christian books but also pass books on to charities such as Book Aid.

The sorting and tidying continues as we still have areas including the loft to tackle, but we are excited about the opportunity it has presented to be part of giving the building a much-needed facelift.

Jo, Dawn, Pete and Micky 

Jo Wheeler, 26/05/2022
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