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Baptist Church

Learning to Love God and Serve the Community

Our Vision

Selsdon Baptist Church is committed to:

Helping each other strive to know Jesus better and become more like Him

Encouraging, equipping and enabling all who come to the church to know Jesus better through prayer, Bible Study, worship, teaching and service.

Showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the wider community, both locally and globally.

Growing a sense of community by meeting together and supporting each other.

In this way Selsdon Baptist Church aims to build a sacrificial and transformational community of disciples of Jesus Christ in Selsdon.


Welcome to our church

Selsdon Baptist Church is a friendly local church at the heart of the community. We meet at our Addington Road site.

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We would love you to join us on Sundays.

If you’re not sure what to expect, see the Visitor’s Guide
Join us on Sundays:-
10 30 am at Addington Road
6 30 pm at Addington Road

*The evening service time and format changes, so check here

Youth Activities

We have a variety of activities for young people

We have dedicated Youth room, a great space to hang out and chat that is available for all young people.

Rock Solid is a high energy, fast moving club for 11-14 year olds, which explores, from a Christian perspective, life issues relevant to young people.

Gravity is a dynamic and upfront program for young people aged 14+, which includes challenging lifestyle teaching, chill-out space, creative expression in worship, and cell groups. We also believe in partnership with other churches in our mission to push out the gospel message.

Hot Chocolate on the High Street led by the Youth Minister - meeting young people on the street

Soul Survivor trips in the summer.


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Services This Week - Next Week

updated weekly.

17th February 2019

  •  10 30 am The Power of love - Matthew 5:38-48 - Communion service - Rev Trevor Neill
  • 6 30 pm Worship and the Word - Encountering an enemy - Luke 7:1-10 - Jane White

24th February 2019

  •  10 30 am The Lord’s Prayer - Matthew 7:7-15 - Karen Harding - Fairtrade fortnight
  • 6 30 pm Mind the gap….between activism and trust - Rev Trevor Neill 

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Forthcoming Events

Featured activities coming up soon. Also see the full diary

Newday Festival

30th July - 4th August

We are taking a group of our young people to the Newday Festival this summer.

Newday is one of the largest Christian events for young people that takes place in the UK every year. Young people aged right through their teenage years and on into their early 20s join together  to learn about and worship God, camp out together and soak in the summer festival feeling, leaving Newday further along in their relationship with Jesus.

Contact our youth minsiter Martin Wright

Thursday Morning Group

Thursdays 10 - 12

January 31 Elaine Lech about the life and compositions of blind pianist, Marilyn Baker 
February 7 What is evil? 
February 14 What is forgiveness? 
February 21 and February 28 
Members may like to meet up at Jubilee Coffee Shop, Sainsbury’s 
March 7 Desert Island Discs part 1 
March 14 Desert Island Discs part 2 
March 21 Food in the Bible – Don Axcell 
March 28 What’s in the news?April 14  Woodcote Green Garden Centre. Waterfall Café between 10:00 and 10:30 
April 11 What is important about Easter? Discussion

Mind the Gap

Issues facing the church

Three evenings of teaching and conversations on issues facing the church in 2019

27th January
The gap between the generations
24th February 
The gap between activism and trust
24th March
The gap between expectations and experiience

Fairtrade Fortnight 

25th February  - 10th March

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the dairy farmer who sells milk at a lower price than the cost of its production; in those of the child labourer who works on a cocoa plantation, using hazardous chemicals to spray on the crops, and sharp machetes to chop them down. Step into the shoes of the mother trying to support a large family with a tiny income from picking tea or coffee.
Fairtrade helps:If we can pay a little extra for a Fairtrade product, let’s do so in the spirit of stepping into another person’s shoes, seeing their life and struggles, and doing what we can to alleviate their hardship.

Get Out!

20th February

An exciting trip for the teenagers in the church, in February half-term!
 Get the low down from our youth minister Martin Wright